APRON STAR A fungicide and insecticide for seed treatment in beans Rate of use –250g/100kg seed Class – III – Blue Active ingredient – 20% Thiamethoxam+20% metalaxyl-M + 2% difenoconazole


An insecticide seed treatment for control of soil dwelling and early lead eating and sucking insects like the aphids, wire worms, thrips, leaf and stem feeding coleopteran species in barley, wheat, maize and bean files in beans Rate of use – 150-400ml/100


DIVIDEND Seed treatment/fungicide for controlling seed borne and soil borne diseases in barley and wheat Rate of use – 150ml/100kg seed Class – IV – Green Active ingredient – Difenoconazole 30g/ltr


The insecticidal seed treatment for use on cereals, maize, frenchbeans, for the control of insect pests on seeds and young seedlings Rate of use- 150-800ml/100kg seed Class – II -Yellow Active ingredient -Imidacloprid 350g/ltr

MONCEREN - GT - FS - 390

MONCEREN Insecticide and fungicide combination seed treatment product for the control of insect pests on seeds and young seedlings and early seeding diseases on cotton and French beans Rate of use- 6-12ml/kg seed Class – II - Yellow Active ingredient -Imi

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